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Chirp Nation's 100% Natural & Gluten Free Cricket Protein Powder is the new Superfood everyone is talking about. Being Gluten and Dairy  Free and Paleo Friendly, this  new High Protein  Superfood is  suitable for everyone.

It consists of the carefully chosen Acheta Domesticus Cricket, which is known for its High Protein content and incredible nutritional profile.

Chirp Nation's Cricket Powder has a smooth texture and blends perfectly into all dishes.
It also has a lovely chocolatey smell and a mild nutty taste.

Our Cricket Powder is versatile in use and can be used to Cook with, Bake with or to whip up Superfood packed Smoothies with. 

Whether you are looking for a Protein, Calcium, Iron or Fibre boost, our Cricket Powder will you give you all of these in just 1 pouch. 

Our Recipes

  • serving cooked food in a plate
  • Chirp Nation Cricket Powder Superfood smoothies
  • Chirp Nation Cricket Powder Superfood cabled dishes
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