why crickets


Gluten Free

GMO Free

Soy Free


You may have heard the UN report as being the reason most other companies have started an insect-based company, so we won’t bore you with stale news. The thing is, though, it doesn’t help to sell an alternative protein if no one can comfortably afford it. That’s why we are on a collective mission to reduce the demand of livestock worldwide, and making insects unaffordable doesn’t get us there.


We are on an EAT FOR CHANGE movement and would genuinely love it if soldiered with us.

Sustainable Farming

Recyclable Packaging

Fair Trade

GOOD FOR YOU & the planet

Nutrition Snapshot

Crickets are carefully packed with Vitamins, Minerals and of course Protein. In remarkable fact, per 1kg of Protein, Crickets outperform regular protein sources significantly.

Feed & Water Consumption

Crickets significantly require fewer Resources to farm. Crickets are not finicky eaters and require significantly less Feed than regular protein sources.

Land Usage

Cricket farms can grow vertically, naturally occupying even less space of our precious planet & powerfully aiding us in combating deforestation.

Greenhouse Gases

Did you know the livestock industry was responsible for more greenhouse gases than the whole transportation sector combined? Crickets significantly emit fewer greenhouse gases and can therefore aid us to combat Climate Change.