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The new Superfood Crickets in a newspaper : Sustainable and Nutritious by ChirpNation


The UN issues a report stating that: “the future of our food is unsustainable”, followed by The UK issuing a “climate emergency”. Now all eyes and ears are pointing towards solutions and building a brighter future. Changing dietary habits and substituting some meat intake with Insects, is a great place to start. To understand why please continue reading.


Current traditional farming methods occupy 70% off the planet’s cultivable land. Deforestation, greatly caused by livestock farming, is a currently a major concern. Cricket farming is far more sustainable with land usage, especially as cricket farms can also grow vertically.

Crickets: The new Superfood - Require less space to farm by ChirpNation

mto produce 1kg of each Protein source

Crickets: The new Superfood - Require less Feed and Water by ChirpNation

To produce 1kg of each Protein source


Farming insects means using a very small proportion of the Water & Feed that would otherwise be drained to farm livestock. To understand the severity, agriculture accounts for approximately 70% of global water use.


All ruminants in the world emit about two billion metric tons of CO2-equivalents per year. Adding onto that, the process of clearing tropical forests and rain forests (DEFORESTATION) to obtain more grazing and farming land results in an extra 2.8 billion metric tons of CO2 emission per year. Insects produce far less CO2 emissions.

Crickets: The new Superfood - Produce far fewer GHG's compared to livestock by ChirpNation

Average GHG to produce 1kg of each Protein source

Chirp Nation Cricket Powder Superfood - Edible insects sustainable superfood


How does the old regular protein compare against this new power food? As you can see, not too great … Not only are crickets more nutritious but their feed conversion is also a lot more efficient. Almost the entire cricket can be eaten compared to the mere 40% that we eat from the cow.


A study, analysing the results of consuming 25g of crickets daily for 2 weeks, conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, suggests that crickets can have a significant positive impact on your gut.The study shows that consuming 25g of crickets daily could help support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and reduce inflammation in the body.

Crickets : The new gut friendly Superfood by ChirpNation
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