What is cricket powder/flour?

This is a powder made from the Acheta Domesticus cricket. This cricket is native to the southern regions of Asia and has been carefully selected after a thorough comparison of the rainbow of crickets available.

Once the crickets have reached the end of their lifecycle they are ready to be harvested. This is done in an ethical and cruelty-free manner, by reducing the temperature of their surroundings. The Crickets enters a state called stasis which is a hibernation like state. Once this has happened the temperature is further decreased and the crickets are frozen. Thereafter the crickets undergo a thorough cleaning process and then are milled in order to obtain a smooth powder like consistency.

What is the difference between cricket flour and cricket powder?

Cricket powder is 100% of the good stuff only, whereas cricket flour is made by mixing the cricket powder with one of the varieties of flour. Therefore, eliminating the need for you to perform the mix yourself. Keep an eye out for our Gluten Free Chirp cricket flour coming soon.

Are they safe/clean?

Our crickets are specifically farmed for human consumption and thus follow all the safety standards of regular human consumption foods. In addition, our crickets are ethically farmed, (learn about the cricket farming process here) and are producing minimal waste that is harmful to the environment. They are eating, drinking, and living in optimal conditions.

Where do you get your crickets?

We have an abundance of employees that are placed all over Thailand with a net and a silk bag. Each individual waits patiently until the sun starts to set. As soon as a Chirp is heard the hunt begins…

Just joking, we are working together with a cricket Farm in the heart of Thailand. We regularly visit the farm, in order to ensure that the same cricket Mulan received from her grandmother (as good luck) is the same one being used in order to make your delicious powder.

Where are insects commonly eaten?

Here’s a fun fact, about 80% of the world's nations are currently eating insects consisting of 1,000 to 2,000 species. So maybe a better question is why am I not eating insects?

Why eat crickets?

You’re kidding, right?

I mean our whole website is designed literally to answer at least this question. But if you are still not convinced, click here and read about why you should be eating crickets.

Any other questions?

Ping us an email at info@cheekychirp.co.uk.

Are there any Allergies I need to be aware of?

Time to get serious. If you have a shellfish allergy, you may be allergic to crickets as well.

What do CHIRPS crickets smell and taste like?

Strange enough our crickets have a cacao like scent. In addition, our crickets have a mild and nutty taste. They can be incorporated virtually into any baked or cooked dish and make an excellent nutritional protein addition to any shake or smoothie. The subtle taste and smooth texture allows you to receive all the important yummy nutritional benefits without compromising the taste or texture of your food.

Are CHIRP Crickets vegan/Vegetariern?

Crickets are full of nutritional benefits such as high protein and B12. These are two components vegetarians often struggle to get enough of. However, eating insects also very largely depends on your reasoning for being vegetarian or vegan. Something important to note and understand, is that crickets have a limited central nervous system and lack pain receptors. This is a very big reason as to why there are vegans and vegetarians who decide to eat bugs, as a substitute to regular proteins.However, it is important for you to conduct your own research, to understand whether eating crickets aligns with what you believe in, so that you can make the right decision.


Who Delivers my goods?

All of CHIRPS products are delivered via Royal Mail.

What Is Your Returns And Cancellation Policy?

As this is a food product, returns are not possible. But if there is ever a situation where you feel dissatisfied with our product, please do inform us at info@cheeckychirp.co.uk

When Is My Order Dispatched?

Dispatch will be the same day for all orders received before 11:00 am. Next day dispatch will be for all products after 11am.
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