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Chirp Nation is the new kid on the block with an appetite for changing the Superfood game as we know it - with a simple dash of Cricket Powder

Daniela Vogl Animation - ChirpNation co-founder

Daniela Vogl


The Creative minded Foodie

Marko Grensemann


The Numbers guy

Marko Grensemann ChirpNation Co-Founder
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Our Story

It all started with a crunch.

The scene - Thailand, the Insect - Cricket and the challenge - our preconceived idea of what a human defines as food. That is of course until we took our first bite and realised that a cricket isn’t bad at all but actually delicious. In fact, after a little more digging it turns out these little crunchy crickets are nutritional Superfoods!

That’s how Chirp Nation  was created, with a mission to introduce the world to a more sustainable, nutritional protein Superfood with the intent of encouraging people to embrace insects as a regular, daily food source. We knew the western world wasn't ready for eating whole insects and thus we designed and are designing ways to focus our Entomophagy in the form of products such as powders. Who doesn’t enjoy a smoothie, delicious foods and baked goods?

Of course we wanted to ensure that no one feels left out. Thus we ensured that our crickets are 100 % Gluten Free, so that everyone can benefit from this sustainable, nutritious, delicious superfood.

Now, we find ourselves here, changing perceptions one CHIRP at a time.

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