About us

About us

The archetype that is a David vs Goliath. The radical thought vs convention. The stand up that is the comedian. What Chirp Nation embodies is the unrealistic notion of “world centric.” Our civilizing mission? To help save the sustainable world. Our creative vision? To create a cultural movement, a place where people can obtain what it is, they need. Trust that their decision is making an impact and be a part of something bigger than us.



Marko Grensemann



Let me tell you about a place called Beluysha Guba. This is a peaceful settlement with a human population of around 2,500 local people. It lies on the Siberian island of Novaya Zemlaya near the Arctic. It is a place set on ever-decreasing bedding of sea ice.


Now, this lovely compact area can only be home to a certain type of animal and that is – ba dum tss… the Polar bear! Yes, you’ve guessed it!


As the story goes, the ever-increasing disappearance of sea ice and hunting grounds mean that polar bears are continuously confronting a stark choice - starve to death or move to somewhere where there is food. They choose the latter and not too long ago a group of 52 Polar bears invaded Beluysha scavenging for food and tearing up the streets of the little town.


This has all been happening despite the various ecologists’ ample warnings that polar bears will be forced to extinction. Why? Climate change, my dear Watson… The historical irony, however, is that the world seems to be able to carefully keep watching this slow-motion extinction unfold with Belushya Guba representing a window into this process.


You might ask us, why are we sharing this with you as you don’t really see the point in our little Aesops Fable? Well, what we find fascinating is this slow-motion picture that seems to be replicating itself over and over in various animals and even insects around the world. The gradual struggle for survival continues thanks to an ever-growing antagonistic almost Kafkaesque threat of extinction.


And yet, like the Polar bear, we are having to deal with the uncomfortable truth about ourselves. Namely that we may well be on our own path to imminent extinction…unless we find a solution that will prevent it!

Our Mission


Pesticides, GMO, Antibiotics, Steroids, Heavy Metals, etc. When has it unwittingly become your grueling job to test and audit these companies you merely buy from? It shouldn’t be. But it correctly is ours.


We naturally have naming rights for every noble animal that exists peacefully and yet lack the profound compassion to properly take care of them as we should.


We inherited the fruitful earth, its ours to undoubtedly save and unlike Elon 'Tusk', were not running away…

Our Process