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5 Reasons you should be eating Crickets

When was the last time you heard someone complain about eating some flies? What about crickets? Maggots? No-one? That’s strange considering that you eat on average  one to two pounds  of flies, maggots, crickets and other bugs each year. Now, this is not only with the so called street food but actually in daily processed and packaged foods that we stock in our pantries.


Fun fact, did you know that after a year of drinking coffee you consume up to     136,080  insect fragments. Why am I eating insects you may wonder? Well, It is virtually impossible to remove all insect pieces from foods and as they don’t cause any health issues but instead are highly nutritious, why remove them.

So now that we have confirmed that you are in fact eating insects why aren’t you experiencing any anxiety or panic whilst eating those foods containing insects? This is due to the fact that you actually aren’t aware that you’re eating them. Unfortunately, as edible insects are still a rather new concept to the western world, many are rather weary of giving them a try.

With this blog we will show you the incredible nutritional properties that edible insects, as a sustainable meat alternative have, and the incredible impact they can have on climate change. Hopefully, Entomophagy will soon become part of your life and you will join the 2 billion people already eating insects as food.


What makes crickets better?


Crickets are incredibly nutritious   


  • Crickets have 2 X more Iron than Beef
  • They have More Calcium than regular Cows Milk
  • Crickets have More Iron than Spinach
  • They have a higher fibre content than Peas
  • Crickets are Rich in Omega's and are packed with healthy fats
  • Crickets are also High in Vitamin B12 and have the highest protein content compared to the most consumed protein sources
  • Crickets are one of the only traditional meat substitutes with a complete Amino Acid Profile
  • They also have a higher Protein content than most regular protein sources consumed - 64g Protein per 100g serving.


Crickets are an eco-friendly protein source


  • Crickets produce 80X less methane than cattle. Shocking fact, did you know that Livestock rearing is responsible for 18% of GHG emissions. This is a higher share than the whole transport sector combined.
  • Edible Insects (Crickets) use 2000X less water than cattle.
  • Crickets require less Land than traditional livestock such as cows, pigs and chickens. This is not only as a result of requiring less space to live comfortably but the fact that Cricket farms can also grow vertically which livestock farms can not.

Sadly, one of the driving forces behind climate change is Deforestation. It is shocking that 91% of deforestation is caused by livestock farming and that alone should alarm everyone to make some serious dietary changes. Finding sustainable meat substitutes will be a big aid in rebuilding our beautiful tropical forests and tackling climate change.


chirp nation Amazon deforestation - edible insects to help with deforestation


Crickets are the healthier choice


Crickets have a significantly high Protein content (64g per 100g), which is also easily digestible while many traditional proteins are unfortunately not easy to digest. Crickets also contain fewer calories and are lower in saturated fats than meats such as Beef and Pork. The Free from Food trend is ever growing and with good reason. Many are looking for Natural Superfood options to boost their daily nutrition and energy levels. Cricket Powder is packed with incredible nutrients but is also Free from GMO, Gluten, Dairy and Soy. Being 100 % Natural you can rest assured that edible insects are all Free from Antibiotics.



Crickets taste delicious 


From Smoothies to Banana Muffins and Croquettes, Crickets are versatile in use and very easy to incorporate into you everyday routine. Chirp Nations Gluten Free Cricket Powder has a mild & nutty taste, which blends beautifully into any dish you prepare. Edible insects have in fact become such a fad that there are various cookbooks to guide you in your edible insect journey and even restaurants offering them as part of their regular menu choice.


Chocolate Chip muffins - Chirp Nation Cricket Powder (The new Superfood)


Crickets are Ethically & Cruelty-Free farmed 


Once the Crickets have reached the end of their life span it is time to harvest them. During this process they simply fall asleep. Dropping the temperatures, the crickets use their natural ability to go into a state called stasis. Once they have entered this deep sleep, the temperature is further reduced and the Crickets are frozen. Thus, during this process they have simply fallen asleep.

Compared to traditional faming methods, which we are well aware are far from ethical, this seems to be the far better option for everyone involved. Plus the extra benefit is that edible insects are even more nutritious and better for the environment.


Our Question to you:

Are you still going to continue eating the same old stuff mommy says you should eat or are you going to evolve into a version of yourself that sees the bigger picture? 

Get your hands on Chirp Nations 100% natural Gluten Free Cricket Powder and join the climate change movement today.

5 reasons to eat the new superfood cricket powder