Chitin Fibre is also Essential for your Health

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How many times have you been reminded to increase your Fibre intake? In fact some of the biggest brands such as Kellogg’s heavily advertise their high Fibre content in their products daily.



    Why is that you wonder?



      Well in short, Fibre is good for you. High Fibre diets come with many benefits such as normalizing bowel movements, helping maintain bowel health, helping to control blood sugar levels and even assisting to achieve a healthy weight.

      Now that we have refreshed our memory regarding the benefits of Fibre, let’s move on to a more specific type: Chitin Fibre.

      Heard of Chitin before? If not don’t worry after this Blog, you will be a Chitin expert and know of all the benefits of this type of fibre.




        What is Chitin Fibre and where can I find it?



          Chitin is a naturally occurring fiber similar to cellulose. Chitin is found in the exoskeletons of crabs, shrimps and insects such as Crickets. Yes Crickets.



            What type of Fibre is Chitin?




              There are two types of Fibre:


              1)     Soluble Fibre: Dissolves in water
              2)     Insoluble Fibre: Does not dissolve in water


              Fairly straight forward 😊


              Insoluble Fibre, such as Chitin, adds bulk to the stool and help food pass more quickly through the stomach and intestines. This helps prevent intestinal blockage and constipation and/or reduce bowel movements.

              Because Chitin doesn’t easily break down in our digestive tract, it is an incredible prebiotic (food) for the good bacteria in our gut microbiome. Prebiotics are important as they have the ability to promote our immune system, gut health and reduce inflammation. Keeping our healthy bacteria happy and fed is important to maintaining a good balance between the good and bad bacteria in our gut. An unhealthy microbiome, which is often associated with an imbalance of good and bad bacteria, has been shown to play a role in many chronic diseases, including obesity, heart disease and cancer.

              Thus, Happy Gut Happy Life. See what we did there... 😉

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              Now it gets really interesting... a recent study analysed the impact on the gut microbiome, from consuming 25 grams of cricket powder over a 14 day period. The study concluded that cricket powder supported the growth of the probiotic bacterium, Bifidobacterium animalis.


               crickets are good for the gut microbiome - new research - chirp nation


              What is Bifidobacterium animalis?




              Glad you asked 😊

              Bifidobacteria are y-shaped bacteria found in your intestines, and they’re incredibly important for your health. In fact, low counts of Bifidobacteria have been linked to many diseases so guys keep those Bifidobacteria levels up!

              Did you know that there are trillions of bacteria on and in your body, and they’re extremely important for your health. But, one of the most important types is called Bifidobacteria, the exact bacteria that Chitin has shown to increase.

              One of the main functions of the Bifidobacteria is to digest fibre and other complex carbs your body can’t digest on its own.

              Now we already know that fibre on its own has incredible benefits but in order to reap the benefits we need to be able to digest it and that is where Bifidobacteria plays an awesome role in helping us digest the fibre. And Chitin helps us increase our Bifidobacteria levels. See how it all works together?




              Chitin: The natural weight loss aid




              Lastly, I’m sure that with any diet you have always seen the importance of incorporating high fibre foods in your diet.

              This is why...

              Insoluble fiber specifically is great for natural weight loss as it doesn’t dissolve in water and instead it physically fills up space in the stomach and intestines, increasing the sensation of being full. This means we eat smaller portions, fewer calories and boom weight loss assistance! Insoluble Fibre also simply passes through your body intact and the calories in it do not get absorbed. Damn now that's an added benefit!


              Looking to increase your Diet with a Natural High Fibre? Cricket Powder, which is naturally high in Chitin Fibre, can be incorporated into any meal throughout the day ranging from your smoothies to your muffins, pancakes and even cooked dishes. As we know the Chitin Fibre found in Crickets holds many benefits to your health and can even help you achieve your weight loss goals. Keen to give it a try? Use this Cheeky Coupon code FREESHIP, for Free Shipping, and get your Fibre levels up today and join the 2 Billion people benefiting from Crickets.


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              Don’t forget the valuable lesson learned: “A Cricket a day keeps the Doctor away”  😉





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