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Bugs in my Food? 8 Places in London to eat Bugs

Still complaining about a bug in your food? Think again, it may just be there on purpose.

Entomophagy  (the act of eating insects) has become a real fad in the United Kingdom with premium restaurants now serving insects as a delicacy and exciting option in their menus. Yes, you heard correctly people are now eating insects in restaurants.

Knowing that insects are a superior sustainable source of Protein, highly nutritious, amino acid complete and outperform traditional protein sources such as poultry, beef and pork in many nutritional areas, it is no wonder that restaurants have started incorporating them. Want to get a better understanding of why people are eating insects, have a look at the   benefits here.

Curious to get a taste of what a sustainable future may look like and try out this new global food? You may as well join the 2 billion people already eating insects in different parts of there world such as the United States.

We have compiled a list of 8 restaurants in London where you can dig into this new, delicious, sustainable and healthy food and join the trend of eating bugs in restaurants.   

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Prefer to have someone else do the cooking? Simply take your pick from the below list and enjoy fine dining in London.  


1) Santo Remedio

Who doesn’t love a good bowel of guacamole? Santo Remedio agrees and thought of taking traditional guacamole one step further by topping their lime and chilli guaq with crunchy edible grasshoppers, sourced directly from Mexico. In Oaxaca this is a classic dish, now brought to London for all of us to enjoy. Yum!



Santo Remedio guacamole with grasshoppers



2) Greyhound Cafe

Originating from Thailand Bangkok, known for their experience of cookingwith insects, the greyhound cafe was born. Their focus lies on creating a combination of Thai and European dishes. Having been awarded the  GQ Food and Drinks Award 2019  you can expect great things from them. A special bug dish that they serve, is  "Bugs in my Salad". This is a green salad tossed with a soy wasabi dressing, and crunchy fried Thai pupae.  Healthy, sustainable and nutritious, what more could you want?


Greyhound Cafe green salad with fried Thai pupae.



3) Native 

Sustainability, local UK produce, Zero-waste, GQ Food and Drink Award winners and bug enthusiasts are the best ways to describe Native. Fancy trying some born and bred UK wood ants? This is the place for that. Their delicious petit fours, fudge topped with wood ants, is an absolute must try. Wondering why Native would top their petit fours with insects? Find out why  here.



Native petit fours, fudge topped with wood ants



4) Archipelago

An Insect Restaurant and experience for adventurers. Known for their outside of the box menu filled with incredible, exotic foods you may have never even heard about, Archipelago knows how to surprise their guests. Preparing delicious insect sides such as the famous "Love-bug salad", topped with fried crickets and a desert consisting of Caramel mealworms, bilinis, coconut cream and vodka jelly has its guests coming back for surprises and tastebud explosions every single time.


Archipelago insect (cricket) bug salad with green leaves



5) Lao Café

Set in the scenic Covent Garden, you will find a gem whipping up extraordinary dishes.Their dish "Malang Tod" consists of Laotian-style fried insects, replacing the traditional, boring table peanuts. To keep it interesting the Chef changes up the type of bug seasonally - it's a surprise every single time. While your'e exploring, give the Laotian mushroom soup with ant eggs a try, to embark on a real delicious Grub experience.


Lao Cafe fried insects - Laotian-style fried insects.



6) NightJar

How do you tell if something is really creating a buzz? Once cocktail bars incorporate it there isn't much longer until you're the odd one out. Nightjar transformed their classic mint-chocolate cocktail (forebodingly) to the now known "Grasshopper" - sounds more intriguing and daring don't you think? The "Grasshopper" is made with pisco, Fountaine chocolate herbal liqueur, tahini and carob wine, date milk and a garnish of “Chapulines” – This is an edible Mexican grasshopper. This isn't the first time that Nightjar has incorporated insects in their cocktails, previously they had also served the cocktail "the Inca", which came sprinkled with dried Buffalo worms. If cocktail bars are even catching onto the edible insect trend, then there must be a ver good reason for it! One thing we know for sure, is that many have switched over to edible insects due to sustainability and positive effect on  deforestation.


Nightjar flying grasshopper - cocktail topped with Chapulines



7) Grub Kitchen

Grub’s innovative insect restaurant promotes sustainable local produce as well as entomophagy.Their heart lies at creating delicious  sustainable dishes using insects.  Ranging from dishes such as Sweetcorn chowder with basil oil and a grasshopper crumb and their Bug board (tasting board with a selection of plain and seasoned insect treats), this is the perfect place for anyone looking for the full bug experience.  


Grub kitchen: Insect based restaurant



8) Ella Canta

Having dishes created by the head chef  Martha Ortiz  means that it is inevitable that greatness will land on your plate. In the dish "Guacamole Nacionalista, las joyas Mexicanas" Martha Ortiz serves up a delicious guacamole with fresh cheese, pomegranate and topped with a gold grasshopper for an elegant and  nutritious  finishing touch.


Ella Canta, Martha Ortiz guacamole served with a golden grasshopper





Late to the trend? No worries.. Why not choose the most intriguing sounding restaurant from the above list and embark on your edible insect journey, unless you aren't looking to be part of the cool kids club...

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Not quite convinced on the whole Insect eating fad? Feel welcome to post your questions here or  contact us  directly for some more information on edible insects.